Common FAQ'S

A smash room, also known as a break room or rage room is a new and extremely fun experience where you break items such as plates, glasses and TV’s whilst wearing protective gear.

Pricing starts at $60 for a 30-minute Solo Smash session (1 person). Please head to the booking page and select the number of people to view prices. HERE

At Smash Room City, we strive to make our smash room as safe as possible from start to finish. Before you start your session, we supply you with overalls, a fully-protected helmet, work boots and gloves.

We allow up to 6 people to be in a smash room at once. Only one person is allowed to smash items at a time.

Anyone 13+ years older can join in the smash room session. If you are between 13 and 17 years old, your parent or legal guardian needs to supervise you on the day and complete a waiver on your behalf before your session

You get to smash a ton of awesome items at Smash Room City. Items include old plates, glasses, mugs and our big items such as TVs and printers!

We accept walk-ins, however you may not find an available spot due to sessions that are booked online. We recommended booking a session in advance to secure a session time.

Yes you can, but it needs to be approved by staff first. Email us at [email protected] before your booking and we can approve. We won’t allow any liquid or bulky items. Items we do allow are monitors, TVs, keyboards, plates, beer bottles, mugs, jars etc.

No, you are not allowed to participate in a smash room if you are pregnant.

Yes we definitely do!! We offer a range of work function packages available. For further information, please refer to our Parties & Events page here.

Of course they can! We have an awesome window at Smash Room City where anyone is able to view the fun in the smash room.

Yes we do. You are able to purchase any add ons we have in store before or during your session. Make your way to the reception desk and we can help make your experience more memorable with items such as TVs, printers, extra crates and random items on the day!

Oh yes we do my friend! Check out our Parties & Events page here and contact us to make your birthday as fun as possible.